2017-2018 Projects

Corporation Project Title
Arcelik Inc. Cooking Appliances Plant Improvement of Receiving Process in Incoming Material Logistics (Abstract) (Poster)
Arcelik Inc. Compressor Plant Redesigning and Balancing the Assembly Line to Increase Production on the Line (Abstract) (Poster)
Arcelik Inc. Dishwasher Plant Paintshop Scheduling, Storage of Painted Parts and Transfer to Assembly Lines (Abstract) (Poster)
Arcelik Inc. Electronics Plant Analysis of Material Diversity and Overall Material Cost (Abstract) (Poster)
Arcelik Inc. Refrigerator Plant Lean Assembly Line and Transportation Systems Design (Abstract) (Poster)
Arcelik Inc. Washing Machine Plant         In-house Logistics Planning (Abstract) (Poster)
Atak Engineering Enhancing Productivity (Abstract) (Poster)
Deloitte Production Plan Decision Support System for Hydroelectric Power Plants in Cascade Structure  (Abstract) (Poster)
Ekol Logistics Inc. Decision Support System for Workforce Assignment and Shift Planning (Abstract) (Poster)
Enka Power Planning of Day-Ahead Market Auction Prices and Generation Amount (Abstract) (Poster)
Eti Marketing Determining Requirement and Scheduling of Organizing Display Personnel in Modern Channel (Abstract) (Poster)
Eti Marketing Workforce Planning in Consolidate Warehouses (Abstract) (Poster)
Evreka  Improvement of the Smart Waste Collection Management Systems (Abstract) (Poster)
Philip Morris Sabancı Inventory and Order Management of Common Production Materials of Different Plants (Abstract) (Poster)
Reckitt-Benkiser Sales Forecast Modelling for Modern Channel (Abstract) (Poster)
Sisecam Purchasing and Stocking of Common Materials (Abstract) (Poster)
Sisecam Warehouse Management (Abstract) (Poster)
Tumosan Inc. Improving the Efficiency and Efficacy of Tümosan T-Body Assembly Line (Abstract) (Poster)
Turkish Technic Inc. Inventory Management of Spare Parts (Abstract) (Poster)
Unilever Production Planning for Konya Plant (Abstract) (Poster)