Unilever – Personal Care Segmentation and Service Optimization

Group UNILOVER: Beril Bingöl, Cihat Karakaya, Duygu Soylu, Gamze Sulak, Osman Yurtseven

Unilever was founded in 1930 by the merger of British Lever Brothers and Dutch Margarine Unie. Today, 8 factories in Turkey meet more than 5,000 employees and consumers in the fast consumer goods sector. The level of service in the personal care category is lower than that in other categories. Also, since the company operates according to the customer's channel prioritization principle, which is the same for all products, while the products are being introduced to the customers, the right channel to allocate the product is not chosen to maximize the turnover when inventory is limited. The purpose of our project is to improve the level of service and maximize the turnover from the personal care category. In this direction, the products are grouped according to their specific characteristics and proposals are given to these groups on specific inventory, demand forecasting and product-channel based prioritization policies.