Tatilsepeti.com – Sales and Reservation Process Design

Group: Bahar Atay, Erdem Cebeci, Samet Kemal Kopuz, Ahmet Furkan Köseoğlu, Umut Yıldız

DLT tour was founded as a travel agency in 2002. Then, in order to provide services to customers on internet, Tatilsepeti.com was created in 2006. Tatilsepeti.com has been in the market leading position in Turkey since 2006. It provides different services to customers such as tours, hotels, flight ticket, rent a car and visa application. In the reservation process, the company has a trouble getting the true information from customers and agencies. Therefore, there are many unnecessary steps between Tatilsepeti.com, customers and agencies. Due to the issues about information flow, our reservation process gets longer and errors may occur in reservation process. This situation affects sales and profit of the company negatively. Within the scope of our project, it is aimed to have better information flow and less error during the reservation process.