ETİ – Development of a Promotion Methodology Based on Sales Channels

Group HOŞBEŞLER: Gülhun Akkaş, Bertuğ Altan, Mevlüt Aycan Aşıkoğlu, Berna Bilcan, Ceren Erdoğan

ETİ, which serves with its 315 different products, 5 distinct manufacturing facilities and more than 200.000 selling points all around Turkey, sells its products through different sales channels. At these sales channels, ETİ performs promotion strategies, which are discount on the price of the product and/or presenting the selected products in the inserts of certain stores to the public, for a predetermined time interval once ETİ and the stores make the agreement. However, whereas the sales amounts increase, the corresponding revenues do not exhibit an increase in the same rate as the prices are less than the regular ones. In addition, after the promotion periods, consumers may be seen reluctant to purchase the previously discounted product at the regular price. In the light of these problem symptoms, in this project, a decision support system that maximizes the revenues of the promotion activities on a product basis and determines which products or group of products at which period and for how long should be promoted has been designed and revised for a user-friendly implementation.