The Ankara Training and Research Hospital – Improvement in Emergency Service

Group: Nur Keskin, Alpin İlayda Özmen, Deniz Tanrıkut, Medya Tekeş, Gökçem Yiğit

The Ankara Training and Research Hospital’s Emergency Department, where we conducted our project, is the ED where the most patients are entered in Ankara. In the current system, problematic issues are determined as long waiting times of the patients, imbalanced demand and work force, ineffective usage of triage system and deficiency of test result query and display procedures. Based on these problematic issues, the goal of the project is defined as to rearrange the work flow within the ED and improve the resource allocation plans in order to decrease patient waiting times to the desired levels, enable the demand – workforce balance and improve the system such that the ED potential is fully utilized. Since simulation modeling allows these aims to be analyzed, as well as to be able to easily tested a large number of alternative solution proposals, it is used as solution approach. In order to check the validity of the model, patient waiting times in queues, number of patients waiting in queues and bottleneck stations are controlled and it is observed that the outputs of the model and current system performance measures are close to each other. Based on these model outputs, the resource-based, procedure-based and flow-based alternative scenarios are tried and the solution proposal is provided.