Vestel Electronics Inc. – Determination of Material Inventory Stock Management Policies

Group VestIE's BestIE's: Ayçağ Altun, Adnan Arık, Yasemin Bingöl, Özge Nur Dağcıoğlu, Bilgenur Gürü

Vestel, that has been the export leader of electronics sector for 18 years, operates under the roof of Zorlu Holding. Vestel is the number one in domestic TV sales and it is among the top three TV manufacturers of Europe.

Current material inventory system of Vestel faces various problems due to long supply lead times, short product delivery times, forecast uncertainty, materials with high variety. Those problems lead to difficulties in controlling and management of material inventory. In our project, we aim to improve material inventory management system and ensure its sustainability by determining the material inventory policies.