Turkish Red Crescent – Mineral Water Production Planning

Group: Mesut Akgül, Turgut Karımlı, Bakhtiyar Narimanov, Halil Uslu, Pınar Ütkün, Pelin Yurdadön

Kızılay Mineral Water was donated to the Red Crescent on 17 October 1926 for the purpose of making income and using it for public interest. Classical Mineral Water, Fruit Aromatic Mineral Water and Fruit Mine Water are produced in Afyon Mineral Water Plant which is Turkey's first mineral water factory. By establishing the Mineral Water Plant in Erzincan in 2014, Turkish Red Crescent is improving its export network every passing day. With the proceeds from the sale, it contributes to the relief work of the Turkish Red Crescent. Afyon and Erzincan Mineral Water Plants have an annual production capacity of 1 billion bottles. Our project aims to improve the inventory and production planning policies by considering the possible investment plans, minimizing the total cost of the Afyon Production Facility.