Roketsan Inc. – Development of Material Inventory Management Policies

Group: Süleyman Mert Aydın, Mert Karaaslan, Tolga Karabaş, Yusuf Mahir Nartok, Rüstem Ozan Özdemir

Roketsan, was founded in 1988 by the resolution of the Defense Industries Executive Committee for the purpose of supplying rockets and missiles to Turkish Armed Forces. The company is one of the leading defense industry corporations in Turkey. In the current system, a great variety of material types are procured, production and material procurement operations are based on projects, and customer orders are assumed to be deterministic whereas operational stochasticities are high. These circumstances lead to delays in material procurement processes both within the company and between the company and suppliers frequently.In the scope of the project, a systematic inventory management system should be established for the aforesaid production environment.