FNSS Defense Systems Inc.– Estimation of Subpart Delivery Time and Production Scheduling Decision Support System

Group: Can Akgünlü, Çağatay Demirtaş, Merve Nur Tezcan, Emre Topçu, Rabia Şeyma Yılmaz

FNSS Defense Systems Inc., founded in 1988, is active in defense industry and produces armored combat vehicles. Some parts of the company's production system have to come out from different points and meet at the same station at the same time. For this reason, undesirable inventory quantities generated by equipment-waiting materials and low occupancy rates in sub-stations can be encountered. This problem complicates production planning processes with fluctuating production demands due to the company's structure. Based on these statements, our project aims to create a scheduling decision support system that minimizes the longest production period in the welding workshop.