Enerjisa Energy Inc. – Improving the Use of Electricity Distribution Network

Group M.E.G.A. : Tunahan Akbulut, Furkan Mustafa Çetin, İhsan Sami Dedetaş, Mehmet Can Hüneröz, Semih Yıldırım

Established in 1996 in order to satisfy the electricity needs of Sabancı Corporation and became a partner of E.ON, one of the biggest electricity and natural gas corporations in the world, in April 2013, EnerjiSA has become one of the leading firms in the electricity market of Turkey with its electricity production and distribution grounded on the latest technological development. Our project focuses on Başkent Electricity Distribution Region in order to develop a decision support system that aims to improve the management of the outage period. In this content, relationship between electricity outages and causes such as unfavorable weather conditions, excess hourly electricity demand are investigated using methods like logistic regression, Bayesian network and neural network.