Ekol Logistics Inc. – Optimization of Warehouse Put-Away & Order Picking Processes

Group: Umar Miftah Fauzi, Mustafa Kıymet, Ömer Oktay, Ahmet Furkan Saylık, Mücahit Uğur

EKOL Logistics is one of the leading firms in the Turkish and European logistics sectors, with over 750.000 m2 of storage facilities and a fleet of 5500 vehicles serving most major European countries. This project focuses on an EKOL depot in Istanbul which performs staging and warehousing operations for Morhipo, an EKOL client and a major e-commerce firm in Turkey. Currently, the storage locations of most of the incoming warehouse-bound SKUs are randomly selected by the depot staff, due to a lack of a systematic storage location policy. The purpose of this project is thus to improve the storage put-away system while accounting for the fast-moving nature of the depot, with the primary goals of improving usage of storage space and order-picking performance.