3M – End to End Value Chain Optimization Project

Group: Günsu Dağıstanlı, Eda Deniz, Emine Simge Deveci, Kemal Güchan Kar, Orkun Temiz

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) which was found in U.S. on 1902, and currently continues its production which started with abrasives in many different sectors with various products. Turkey functions since 1987, is currently operational with 2 factories in Tekirdağ and headquarter in İstanbul. In the Çerkezköy Plant which we conduct our project, baby diaper’s side tape, abrasives, automotive films, and dust holder masks are produced. In the current system, there problem symptoms on each step of supply chain, such as for certain products there is no enough inventory, for the rest there is excessive inventory, also there is excessive finished goods inventory, in addition lack of providing finished goods to the customer on time, and incorrect forecast that does not match with actual demand. The aim of this project, is increasing the service level while decreasing the inventory levels for both high customer satisfaction and low costs.