2015-2016 Projects

Company Project Title
Abalıoğlu A.Ş. Lezita Material Requirement Planning (Abstract) (Poster)
Aksa Akrilik Packaging Unit Layout Design (Abstract) (Poster)
Aquamatch Türkiye Multi Project Planning and Tracking System Development (Abstract) (Poster)
Eczacıbaşı İntema System Design for Improvement of Order Fulfillment Processes(Abstract) (Poster)
Eti Micro Logistics Optimization on Warehouse Truck Loading Operations of Field Sales Trucks (Abstract) (Poster)
Eti Product Assortment System Design for Sales Channel (Abstract) (Poster)
FNSS Production Scheduling System Design and Application (Abstract) (Poster)
L'oreal Canan Kozmetik Plant Production Plan and Inventory Management Decision Support System Design (Abstract) (Poster)
Middle East Technical University An Analysis of Transportation Network of Middle East Technical University (Abstract) (Poster)
Oyak Renault Design of a Workforce Decision Support System (Abstract) (Poster)
P&G Improvement of Warehouse Product Assignment and Logistics Activities (Abstract) (Poster)
TAI Inventory Management and Scheduling Decision Support System Design (Abstract) (Poster)
TOFAŞ Export Parts Shipment Planning System (Abstract) (Poster)
Türk Henkel Improvement of Reconciliation Processes (Abstract) (Poster)
Unilever Secondary Packaging System Design (Abstract) (Poster) 
Unilever Inventory Planning Decision Support System for the Supply Chain Department (Abstract) (Poster)
Vestel Material Flow and Storage System Design for the High End Factory (Abstract) (Poster)
Vestel Material Standardization (Abstract) (Poster)