2014-2015 Projects

Company Project Title
Abalıoğlu A.Ş. Development of Advanced Process Production Planning System (Abstract) (Poster)
Abalıoğlu A.Ş. Production Planning (Abstract) (Poster)
AnadoluJet Flight Network Optimization (Abstract) (Poster)
AnadoluJet Side Income (Abstract) (Poster)
Borusan Mannesmann  Improvement of In-Plant Stock and Delivery Processes (Abstract) (Poster)
BP Packaging and Raw Material Storage System Decisions (Abstract) (Poster)
Çeka Project Tracking and Scheduling (Abstract) (Poster)
Demir Export Soma Eynez Underground Mine Management Organization Design (Abstract) (Poster)
Eczacıbaşı Production and Inventory Planning Systems Design for Hygiene Products (Abstract) (Poster)
MAN Second Hand Pricing and Decision Support System (Abstract) (Poster)
MAN Work Order Scheduling at Parallel Machines in Cable Assembly Production (Abstract) (Poster)
P&G Development of Production Planning and Inventory Management Principles Compliant with Variable Demands (Abstract) (Poster)
Türkiye İş Bankası Providing Continuity of University Students to İşbank after Graduation  (Abstract) (Poster)
Türkiye İş Bankası Improvement of Credit Card Allocation Process (Abstract) (Poster)
Türkiye İş Bankası Improving Common Service Center Operations (Abstract) (Poster)
Unilever Effect of Seasonality on Ice Cream Demand Forecasting (Abstract) (Poster)